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Collectible Art Beyond Walls

Jeremyville has cultivated a cult following for himself among illustrators, artists, comics enthusiasts and anyone with even a passing interest in plastic designer toys since his excellent tome, Vinyl Will Kill was launched in 2004.

Today, Jeremyville is simultaneously an artist, a brand and a project space where collaborations can happen. Schooled as an architect and never receiving any formal art training, he scored a gig as a cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald when he was 19. His fictional creations spring from a vibrant imagination but anchored in simple, almost innocent truths as witnessed in his Community Announcement Project. Effectively applied to posters and stickers, Jeremyville strikes a chord somewhere between naïve art and profound doodles.

Jeremyville transcends the narrow circuit of galleries, permeating the everyday in all its forms whilst packing a powerful joyous punch to the face.

By Celine Teo-Blockey

Step into the world of Jeremyville here